Canada forces airlines to advertise full cost of flights by next year

The federal government of Canada has made it a compulsion for all the airlines to advertise prices with all fees and taxes included, in order to promote regulations for “honest pricing” of airline tickets.

Minister of state for transport, Steven Fletcher said: “Our government is committed to enhancing consumer protection while promoting fair competition by ensuring greater transparency of advertised airfares for Canadian travelers. This will allow consumers to easily determine the full cost of airfares in order to make informed choices.”

Moreover, the government adjusted the Canada Transportation Act in 2007 to boost these regulations and is now trying to implement them. But it will be a year or more before the amendments to the Canada Transportation Act take effect.

The Canadian Transportation Agency is to commence the process of drafting regulations, including consulting stakeholders.

The consumer groups have time after time criticized the government for the delay in applying the “all-in-one” airfare advertising clause of the Canada Transportation Act, which passed Parliament in June 2007.

However Canada’s airlines have been saying that it would be unreasonable to call for advertisements with the absolute cost of a ticket since a number of foreign carriers could carry on advertising base fares on their websites, from which Canadian travelers can make purchases.

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