MP Rob Anders Condemned for Commenting on ‘Bathroom Bill’

Calgary MP, Rob Anders, is yet again facing condemnation for scandalous comments, this time it’s on the topic of transgender community. Anders is in attempt to stop the Bill C279, which is a private member’s bill asking to alter the Canadian Human Rights Act and ‘hate crime’ section of the Criminal Code for including “gender identity” and “gender expression” as valid causes of discrimination.

Anders, having a contrary view, stated that this bill will end up giving transgender men the right of entry to women’s washrooms, and due to his such scandalous comments the bill is now mongered as the “bathroom bill” proposal. Anders implies that the House of Commons has the responsibility of protecting children from an unnecessary experience or damage which might result once these types of admittances are given to men. Anders posted a letter and petition to the local church asking the pastor to distribute it. The petition is also published at Anders’ website.

The NDP representative for Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca in B.C., MP Randall Garrison, introduced the bill and now claims that Anders comments are either out of ignorance or he is attempting to extend terror among the transgender people by relating them to sexual predators. Garrison claimed that “he clearly doesn’t understand the basic concepts to do with transgender Canadians.” Garrison asserted that the bill will most expectedly return to the justice committee in November, and as 150 MPs have already voted in favor of the bill there is no need for such arguments. He stated that “I guess it’s what I’ve come to expect from Mr. Anders … time for his weekly apology.”

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