Bill To Regulate Political Faces Barriers

NDP MP Craig Scott is going to commence a private member’s bill for regulating political calls this week. This bill fulfills the commitment the government made on March 12, when the media was criticizing the issue of fake and misleading election calls. The government has promised to propose a bill for controlling such political calls by making it compulsory for the voter contact firms and their clients to register with Elections Canada.

NDP MP Pat Martin initially constructed the bill, though he later withdrew it and substituted the duty to Scott, the Osgoode Hall law professor who won Jack Layton’s former Toronto Danforth seat in a March byelection. Scott asserts that he is not at liberty to release any information of the bill in-progress before it is put in action.

Scott mentioned to the media that “It will address the need for every call to be recorded and archived and mandatorily made available to the chief electoral officer in one way or another.”  Since this bill is categorized as a private member’s bill, there might not even be any debate before it passes. He said that “to be properly done, it would need to be something the government would mandate, which would cost money.”

Kate Davis, Spokeswoman, did not really give out any facts, but stated that “a comprehensive proposal will be put forward in due course,” and “I’m not going to speculate on timing.”

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