Conservatives Pension Bill Receives Severe Opposition

The Conservative government has promised large saving returns from the pension reforms for public servants and MPs. The official claim states that the government will pile up $2.6-billion in a time span of five years and almost $700-million a year after that. This amount will be separate from the expense cuttings.

The government is intending to erase the enlarging federal deficit before the next election. The second omnibus budget bill made public on Thursday, is an extensive piece of legislation covering numbers 443 pages. It amends several federal statutes, including the Indian Act, the Canadian Labour Code and the Merchant Seamen Compensation Act.

The Finance Minister of Canada, Jim Flaherty, promised to MP’s this week that the bill will not be much of a surprise. However, the opposition parties are unanimously blaming that Flaherty is trying to repeat the practice of jamming a budget bill by filling it with numerous controversial items.

An analyst on parliamentary democracy and professor emeritus at the University of Toronto, Peter Russell, asserted that Canadians shall wake up in order to stop the decline of democratic institutions, citing federal omnibus bills and the Ontario Liberal government’s decision to prorogue the legislature this week as examples. He stated that “It’s part of a general undermining of parliamentary democracy.” “It’s for the people really to be aroused enough to rise up on their hind legs and through all their social media and say: ‘We don’t want government of this kind.’ ”

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