Amanda Todd’s Parent Feel Some Closure at We Day

Parents of the Port Coquitlam teen suicide victim Amanda Todd, who died last week, attended a session at We Day Vancouver. 14-years-old Molly Burk was sharing her story about how she lost her sight, her friends abandoned her and she was bullied pitilessly that she lost all hope of humanity.

Burke started saying that “when I was in Grade 8 and I lost my vision, I also lost all my friends and I struggled with really severe bullying — it broke my soul, it worked away at my spirit and I just felt lifeless.” She mentioned that “I want to be able to share my story with others and hopefully reach out to young people, girls and boys who are dealing with similar situations and maybe help them get through it and let them know they are not alone.” “Because I know in that moment you feel so alone.”

Now 18-years-old Burke was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa at the age of four and her sight deteriorated to an extend she became totally blind.

Carol Todd, mother of Amanda, stated that “my daughter had two wishes, this was one of them,” referring to her daughter’s desire to go to We Day. Amanda’s father, Norm Todd, informed Burke that her speech made him realize his family was not alone. “We thought when we were dealing with Amanda’s problems we were alone, but coming here today made me aware of just how big the problem truly is, how many children are affected by bullying, and I thank you for sharing your story.”

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