Former MP Russell Claims That ‘Peter Was a Cheater’

Many Labradorians, including the former MP Todd Russell, have been using unkind words to portray Peter Penashue’s extravagance on his federal election campaign. Todd Russell straightforwardly stated that “Peter was a cheater. It’s as simple as that.” Russell was the Liberal candidate for the post but he lost by a minute difference of 79 votes in last year’s election.

Russell, asserting that he was robbed of his job, claimed that “he cheated not only me out of this election, Todd Russell out of this election, but I believe he cheated the people of Labrador out of this election.” Penashue has faced some serious criticism after the revelation of his campaign bills to be $24,711 of flights to remote communities during the 2011 federal election. However, the Provincial Airlines wrote off the amount to be only $7,000. The Tory cabinet minister was also disclosed to be surpassing his spending limit by thousands of dollars.

Penashue blamed his overspending on his inexperience, and also burdened the responsibility to his campaign manager, Reg Bowers. Russell mentioned that the news of Penashue’s overspending was not really a surprise for him. He stated that “there was a sense even during our campaign that there was a hell of a lot of money being spread around [on Penashue’s campaign].” He added that “some of the details, some of the amounts certainly do surprise you, but generally speaking there was a sense that something wasn’t fair about this.”

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