Facebook’s Anti-Bullying Campaign Hopes to Bring Change in Canada

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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By the launch of ‘Be Bold: Stop Bullying’ anti-bullying campaign on Wednesday, Facebook aims to target its huge 18 million Canadian user base to digitally sign a pledge against bullying. The campaign was inaugurated from a room full of students at the YWCA in downtown Toronto.

A 16-years-old Grade 11 student attending the event, Mustafa Ahmed, elaborated that the problem is not really the one-on-one attacks by peers. In fact, he stated that systemic bullying based on stereotypes and stigma is rather more harmful at times. Ahmed spent his child hood at Regent Park and is a fan of writing and poetry rather than being the athletic-sports-type, so he shared that he was also bullied for some time for being “different.”

Ahmed shared his feelings from that time, saying that “I felt like I was stigmatized and people were calling me names for that.” He warned that with the use of internet, bullying can easily become a more collective attack. He stated that “when one person has that power and they pass it off to other people that are all shutting someone down with it, I feel like that can have an effect on someone for the rest of their life.”

Critics assert that the world’s most popular social networking website takes too long in removing bullying pages. Replying to the allegation, Facebook Managing Director, Jordan Banks, answered that “we take it very seriously,” and “We get back to them as soon as we can and explain to them either why it is not offending or if it offending, right away we take down the content and we disable the account.”

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