Poll Claims Canadians Dissatisfied With Democracy

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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According to a recent nationwide poll conducted by a charitable organization called Samara, the Canadians are overall becoming comparatively less satisfied with democracy. The results of the recently conducted survey were compared to a poll with same question in a survey conducted eight years ago, in 2004, asking respondents about their level of satisfaction “with the way democracy works in Canada.”

The results of the survey of 2004 depicted a seventy-five per cent of Canadians to have at least some sort of satisfaction at the time. However, when same question was asked in 2012 again, this seventy-five percent was lessened down to 55 percent only. The results elaborated that five per cent claimed to be “very satisfied”, whereas 50 per cent said they were “fairly satisfied.” Moreover, a total of twenty-eight per cent expressed that they were “not very satisfied,” and a nine per cent asserted to be “not satisfied at all.” Lastly, seven per cent of the sample answered they did not know, while the remaining one percent did not respond. Samara reports that these views of respondents were more or less steady across the different regions of the country, except for Quebecers, who were reportedly much more dissatisfied than Canadians elsewhere.

The same survey also inquired the respondents about their level of satisfaction towards the way their Members of Parliament are doing their jobs. Only 36 per cent of the survey takers expressed satisfaction with their MPs, while the remaining majority expressed different levels of dissatisfaction.

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