N.S. Uses Twitter to Relive Halifax Explosion Memories

The Nova Scotia Archives made an announcement on Tuesday declaring that it is launching a campaign to collect fresh stories of families’ and people’s experiences during and after the Halifax Explosion through Twitter, as a part of a project to conserve the reminiscences of the disaster and help historical reliving of the event by live-tweeting. The agency hopes that using the social media platform will merge new and diverse views and details regarding the First World War event. The campaign will start from Dec. 6 onwards, inaugurating the 95th anniversary of the harbor front explosion that devastated Halifax.

Dec. 6 will commence the plan from archives and relive the historical event by live-tweeting the chronological happening before, during and after the explosion from its Twitter account. The devastating memories of the moment when the First World War munitions vessels reached in Halifax harbor, and exploded shortly after 9 a.m., ruining an entire city by the worst man-made explosion in history. The incident took lives of 2,000 people, along with thousands more injured.

The province alleged that memories and stories of the event are diminishing in time, so it has launched the Twitter project for a way to relive and recapture the memories of the incident which are still out there, while also engaging young Canadians in history. Nova Scotia Heritage Minister, Leonard Preyra, mentioned in a press release that “for decades, historians have collected Nova Scotian family traditions, songs and stories through audio recordings and dictation.” So “by using social media and modern techniques, the archives will help Nova Scotians look back at the Halifax Explosion and better understand how this defining moment in our history has shaped our communities and culture.”

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