Ford ‘Very Glad’ to Move On After the Stay

The Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford, expressed, after being granting a stay of judgment against the judicial order demanding him to leave office, that he “can’t wait” for the original appeal to commence. Justice Gladys Pardu approved Ford’s application which asked on Wednesday to impose a stay on last week’s ruling that ordered Ford to leave office at Dec, 10. Pardu’s ruling narrates that Ford is only allowed to remain in office as long as his appeal is being heard in court.

Ford addressed the media after the stay was announced, saying that “I’m just very glad I got the stay today. I can’t wait for the appeal.” He added that “I’m moving forward, returning calls and meeting with people and running this city just like people elected me to do.” When Ford was inquired by a reporter about the cost of this ongoing legal battle, he replied, “Don’t worry about it, it doesn’t matter.” Ford was ordered out of office by an Ontario Superior Court Justice, Charles T. Hackland, and now Ford’s appeal against the will be heard in Ontario Divisional Court on Jan. 7, with a decision expected soon after.

The ruling of Pardu mentioned that she believes “the appeal is neither frivolous nor vexatious. It is apparent that there are serious issues to be determined on the appeal.” She admitted that it will be inappropriate to “enter upon a prolonged discussion of the merits of the appeal.” Ford’s councilor brother, Doug Ford, mentioned that “stress is an understatement, but we’re going to move forward for the City of Toronto.” He added that “there’s still a tremendous amount of work to be done at city hall.”

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