Humphries Continues Winning Streak with Seventh Straight World Cup

Kaillie Humphries have kept her legacy of acquiring golden cups by maintaining yet another excellent one minute 54.05 seconds record breaking seventh straight World Cup victory on Saturday. Calgary’s Humphries have already won the last six races in North America, along with the first three titles of this year along with rookie brakeman Chelsea Valois of Zenon Park, Sask. 27-year-old Humphries has kept her tempo exceptionally well by acquiring her fourth straight gold medal of the pre-Olympic season.

Humphries acclaimed her victory, saying that “I am very happy to keep the streak going in Germany.” She added that “I think that was very important for me. I haven’t always had a lot of success in Winterberg because it is so weather dependent here. The weather was perfect and we had good pushes and good runs today.” Overall it is Humphries eighth World Cup victory in her so far career, i.e. excluding her Olympic and world championship titles. Wholly, her career World Cup medal count has reached 15. She asserted that “I had a lot of confidence going into the race, but the weather can change everything.” Humphries acknowledged that “Chelsea and I had two of our best starts to go along with two good runs down the track so I’m happy with how things turned out.”

On the other hand, the men’s two-man race was won by Lyndon Rush of Humboldt, Sask. Rush mentioned that “we normally find the Winterberg track really difficult, but our runs worked out really well today.” And “I’d like to say a big thank you to my whole team.”

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