Three Top Ranked Quebec Provincial Police Investigated for Fraud

The Quebec government made an announcement on Wednesday declaring its decision to conduct an inquiry of three top-ranked members of provincial police force for a suspected criminal activity. The announcement was made by the Public Safety Minister, Stephane Bergeron, who disclosed that these senior officials are being suspected of inappropriately using the special-operations fund.

It was revealed that the funds which were granted to investigative operations, like paying informants, were drawn by people to pay severance packages and those consultants which were banned to receive government contracts due to previous tax frauds. The announcement was made in a news conference in Quebec City, where minister stated that activities in question will most probably result in a criminal offence of breach of trust. Bergeron stated that “the alleged facts are extremely troubling” and “I’m well aware of the tumult this will cause.”

Bergeron mentioned to have formed an exclusive task force for investigating the event, which is mostly constituted of retired police officers. Bergeron claimed that he has taken such step in respect to the legislature that is soon going to be adopted as a bill which will create a special-investigation unit in the province. Bergeron further disclosed that all the suspects are already suspended with pay. Bergeron also shared that suspicion was raised among the officials when the newly elected PQ government took over the provincial police force and asked the new administration to find cost savings. He referred this case to show off his new government’s commitment to ethics. He alleged that “this shows that nobody — regardless of rank or status — is above the law.”

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