Trudeau Controversy Costs Sponsor to an Islamic Conference

Latest controversy narrates that Liberal MP Justin Trudeau’s scheduled attendance at an Islamic conference has been provoked by a sponsor which recently quit, due to suspicions about the sponsor’s charity status. The planners of the Reviving the Islamic Spirit conference state that the decision of pulling out IRFAN-Canada was made right after the Liberal’s expected leaders’ participation in the annual event was scrutinized.

The status of IRFAN was invalidated by the Canada Revenue Agency in 2011 for suspicion of using misleading fundraising strategies to donate almost $15 million to an organizations linked with the Islamic militant group Hamas. IRFAN has straightforwardly denied any unlawful activity and has challenged the ruling, while the group’s lawyer claims that IRFAN has simply chosen to withdraw their appearance at the upcoming conference for avoiding any possible controversy. Few Jewish groups recently highlighted their suspicion about Trudeau attending the conference backed by IRFAN.

Trudeau has already denied answering any query regarding his keynote speech on Dec. 22. Though when inquired last week regarding his plans to participate at the event, he alleged that numerous controversies are arising regarding his participation, all of which are based on mere misinformation. He mentioned at the news conference that “I’ve heard a number of people express concerns about this event that I certainly don’t understand and I don’t share.” Trudeau stated that “most of the organizers are young Muslims who are looking at trying to bridge the gap between the reality for Muslim Canadians and mainstream Canada and I’m very proud to be able to contribute.”

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