Winnipeg School Calls Grief Councilors after Newtown Shooting

Linden Christian School has decided to call in the help of professional grief councilors today for facilitating their students to handle the loss of their fellow classmate killed in the mass shooting at a Connecticut school on Friday. Ana Márquez-Greene was a grade 1 student at Sandy Hook Elementary School, located in Newtown, Comm. where she passed away during the shooting.

Nelba Márquez-Greene, mother of Ana, is a licensed marriage and family therapist, who worked almost two years teaching at the University of Winnipeg. The family had been living in Winnipeg for quite some time until they moved to Connecticut this year, where Greene originally belongs. Ana and Isaiah, her brother in Grade 3, both attended the Linden Christian School while in Winnipeg. The principle of Linden Christian School, Rob Charach, announced that school has requested help of counsellors from the Child Guidance Clinic of Winnipeg. Whereas, he added, that school already has pastors and on-staff counsellors that will contribute as well.

Charach stated that “I think, like everyone else, we’re trying to process the tragic events that have unfolded Friday. We’re going to be very sensitive and respond in an age-appropriate manner to students that are in need.” Charach admitted that “there’s obviously sadness and there’s loss. I think everybody’s in a process of grieving right now, and that looks differently in different people’s lives.” He claimed that “as a community, we continue to uphold the Greene family in prayer. That is what they’ve requested. It’s a process of dealing with this very tragic event.”

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