Controversial Dawson Computer Student Offered Scholarship at SkyTech

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The computer science student at Dawson College, who was recently expelled by the college for merely pointing out a security breach in its system i.e. implemented across the students of Quebec, is now being offered a scholarship by the company owning the software. The president of Skytech, Edouard Taza, mentioned that “we will offer him a scholarship so he can finish his diploma in the private sector.”

Furthermore, Taza claims that the company offered 20-year-old Hamed Al-Khabaz a part-time job in information technology security. Al-Khabaz claims to be completely surprised by this gesture, as he alleged that Skytech has not done anything so far to prevent him from being expelled from Dawson College. On the other hand, the administration of Dawson Collage remains firm on its decision of expelling Al-Khabaz because it states that he violated the school’s code of conduct. The director general of Dawson College, Richard Filion, mentioned during an interview, that the school has expelled Al-Khabaz only because he violated the school’s professional code of conduct, regardless of anything else. He alleged that “we’re not doing this blindly, we’re not doing this with happiness, but we had to consider a serious breach in these values and principles.”

The Student Union of Dawson College has appealed the school to reinstate Al-Khabaz. The director of internal affairs and advocacy of the union, Morgan Crockett, stated that “Hamed is a brilliant computer science student who simply wanted to help his school.” Crockett added that “Dawson College should be thankful for his talent and foresight. They must immediately reinstate Hamed, refund the debt he has incurred as a result of his unjust expulsion and offer him a public apology.”

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