Ikea Monkey Owner Awaits Trail on Friday

The former owner of Darwin, or more famously known as the Ikea monkey, will learn on Friday whether or not she will be allowed to have her beloved pet back. Yasmin Nakhuda is awaiting a trial date on Friday, while on Thursday afternoon, she was shedding tears as crown made allegations of neglect and abuse were against her in an Oshawa courtroom.

The Defence lawyer, Kevin Toyne, narrated several emails of Nakhuda addressed to a local U.S. animal trainer, Lisa Whiteaker, asking for tips to control Darwin’s disobedient behavior. The email portray Nakhuda explaining Darwin’s actions, as she claimed he is used to attack and bit her whenever she attempts to change his diaper. The letter mentioned that “at one point I was too scared and kept him in the same diaper for almost 36 hours.” Several other emails state that Nakhuda has taken a wooden spoon in use and learned to restraint Darwin by smacking him with it.

In response to Nakhuda, Whiteaker replied that she is well educated in behavior of primates and suspects that Darwin might attack someone in her office. Nakhuda confessed by writing that “you are right to say that I am sitting on a time bomb” but “I took Darwin to bed with me and how I have created this clinging to me.” She also wrote at a point that “all I can do now is take Darwin to an animal shelter and I don’t even know one here.”

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