Canada to Enhance Penalties of Child Sex Offenders

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Justice Minister Rob Nicholson has shared that the Conservative government will soon be introducing new legislation for beefing up the penalties of child sex offenders by creating a “Victims Bill of Rights,” that will basically focus on victims of crime.

Mr. Nicholson made the announcement of governments’ near future plans in the anti-crime agenda during a scheduled press conference in Toronto on Monday morning. He mentioned that “the public loses faith in a system when they feel that the consequences of breaking the law are inadequate or that the punishment does not fit the crime.” Mr. Nicholson explained that “expect that if you break the law, you will be punished. Crime doesn’t and shouldn’t pay.” This new legislation will include numerous tougher measures for criminals introduced by the Conservative government in recent years, along with the omnibus anti-crime bill passed last year. The bill, titled as the Safe Streets and Communities Act, includes new mandatory minimum penalties for sexual assaults, in cases where victim is less than 16 years old, while enhancing the minimum sentences for crimes including sexual interference and child pornography, along with other changes.

Mr. Nicholson explained that his government is going to present additional, “comprehensive” legislation targeting on child sexual offenders and the violators of their conditions after release. He confessed during the press conference on Monday that even though “some crime” have been in decline, there are certain offences, which include child sexual offences and impaired driving, that are still on the rise.

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  1. AND put judges in jail for dishing out outrageously pathetic sentences ! canada is the laughing stock of the whole world. even the yanks have told harper to smarten up but harper STILL has his head IN HIS A _ _ !!!!!!!!!!!!

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