Parents Shocked to Face Criminal Charges in Son’s Death

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Almost a year after the death of a 19-month-old boy, Ezekiel Stephan, his southern Alberta parents are now astonished to learn that they will have to defend criminal charges of having failed to provide the necessities of life to him. On the other hand, local police claims that it is a case where parents did not act timely enough to save their sick child until it was too late.

The family seems completely devastated to have been facing charges, while claiming that it will only increase the pain they already feel due to the loss of their loved one. Ezekiel’s father, David Stephan, mentioned that “there’s nothing in the world that will bring him back,” and “what good could possibly come out of this?” Stephen questioned that “what could possibly be worse than the suffering we’ve endured for the past year?” These strange charges were laid on Tuesday, after the police completed a so called “lengthy and detailed” investigation into the child’s death.

Investigators from Raymond RCMP and the general investigation section revealed that the boy, who passed away in March 2012, got sick in February 2012. The paramedics were called in soon after the boy stopped breathing, who led him to the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary but he died on March 18. RCMP spokesman Cpl. Darrin Turnbull stated that “the parents knew the child became ill in February and then it wasn’t until March the 13th when the child stopped breathing that they activated the health system.”

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