Chinese Hackers Penetrate US Infrastructure, Intelligence Agencies Warn

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This article was last updated on May 25, 2023

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Microsoft and intelligence agencies warn of China’s potential attack on US critical infrastructure

Microsoft and intelligence agencies of the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand have revealed that hackers controlled by China are preparing to shut down US critical infrastructure, including communication and transportation systems, during a possible future crisis in Asia. According to these agencies, the hackers have already penetrated the infrastructure and are active across various sectors, including utilities, transportation networks, factories, and government, construction and IT sectors. Suspicious activity was detected by “Volt Typhoon,” an alleged hacker group working for the Chinese government. It is not yet confirmed if only US agencies are being targeted.

China Wants to Build up Cyber-capability

Beijing’s hacking attempts to disrupt US critical infrastructure come as part of the country’s efforts to build up cyber capability in the military field and wage cyber wars if open conflict breaks out. The tensions with the US around Taiwan have been significant in recent months, leading to China training for military precision attacks. While Russia, Iran, and North Korea have been known for cyberattacks to date, China has been focused on obtaining information and not disrupting infrastructure.

China Dismisses Warning as Disinformation

Chinese authorities deny any accusation of cyberattacks in the US and consider them disinformation from the authorities to question China’s cybersecurity. According to China’s Foreign Ministry, the charges are part of a “collective disinformation campaign,” with a traceable link to Washington, but also labeled the US as the “empire of hacking.”

Countering Specific Threats Can be Challenging, Hacking Attempts also Detected in the Netherlands

Microsoft revealed that the ‘Volt Typhoon’ hacker group focusing on US military base on Guam could be a difficult job to counter the specific threat. China’s cyberattacks on Dutch companies and universities have also been warned previously by the Dutch Intelligence service.

The Chinese hacking attempts to penetrate US critical infrastructure call for urgent measures to counter cyberattacks that could seriously impact people’s lives. Cooperation among allies is essential to develop the necessary safeguards to protect vital infrastructure from foreign attacks that aim to disrupt another country’s economy and national security.

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