Suzanne Schulting Takes Rest to Gear Up for Upcoming Short Track Season

Suzanne Schulting

This article was last updated on May 25, 2023

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Schulting is taking a rest: adjustments in preparation for the new short track season

Suzanne Schulting has decided to work towards the new short track season with an adapted preparation. The focus is on regaining the balance between what she can handle physically and mentally, the three-time Olympic champion said in a press release.

“Anyone who knows me knows that this is very difficult for me,” said 25-year-old Schulting. “For the past seven years I have pushed myself to the limit almost every day. That has brought me a lot of great things, but it has also demanded a lot from me. It is now really time to fully recharge the battery.”

Schulting, who won her first Olympic title in 2018 and added two gold medals in 2022, has been very successful both individually and with the relay teams for years. She owns ten world and seventeen European titles.


She returned from the World Championships in Seoul in March with three gold medals and one silver medal in her suitcase, but even then the intensive season turned out to have asked a lot of her. After missing the gold at ‘her’ 1,000 meters, she declared to be “really completely empty”.

“She delivered excellent performances there, but they really had to come from her reserves,” Remy de Wit, technical director of the KNSB, recalls that tournament. “That was reason for us to take a very good look at how Suzanne is now, both physically and mentally. The conclusion we have drawn together is that Suzanne will prepare for the new season at her own pace and separately from the team. ”

The rest she will also take could lead to Schulting missing the first series of World Cup competitions next season. The focus goes to the second half of the season, with the World Cup in Rotterdam as the highlight.



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