Court Denies Mayor Ford’s Request to Reimburse Legal Costs of Case Won

An Ontario court recently rejected the request of Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford to have the citizen, who lately pursued a controversial conflict-of-interest case against him, pay his legal bill. Ford alleged that the decision was “ridiculous.” The Divisional Court, mentioned in a two-page ruling issued on Tuesday, that Mayor Ford has been denied the request to be reimbursed more than $116,000 in lieu of legal cost in the case that almost ousted him from office.

Commenting on the ruling, Mayor Ford alleged that “it’s ridiculous. I won it fair and square,” while also highlighting that he’s “got to swallow over 100 grand.” The mayor’s legal team had previously asserted, in the beginning of the case, that Paul Magder is pursuing a political agenda. Whereas, on the contrary, Mr. Magder’s lawyers alleged that he was instead acting in public interest and declared that award of costs will discourage others from using the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act in order hold the elected officials to account. Additionally, Mr. Magder’s lawyers pointed out that the mayor was most likely going to be indemnified for his legal fees, in any case, through insurance and indemnity programs. However, the mayor repeated on Tuesday that he will not ask the city to pay his legal costs.

Explaining reasons of their decision, the three-judge panel asserted that it noted that the success of Mayor Ford was divided, the case raised novel legal issues with respect to matters of public importance, and that it was reasonable for Mr. Magder to pursue the application.

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