Porter Airlines CEO Endorses Rumors of Extending Toronto Island Airport Runways

The president and CEO of Porter Airlines, Robert Deluce, officially declared his wish on Wednesday that his airline desires to buy Bombardier’s all-new CSeries aircraft and fly out from  Toronto’s island airport. He alleged that he will ask three governments “shortly” to amend the tripartite agreement, in order to permit the jets and consent to a “modest 168 meter” extension at each end of the existing main runway.

However, Toronto Councillor, Adam Vaughan, has alleged that he is seriously concerned regarding introducing jets for Porter as he worries that it will open the door to the jets of other airlines plus corporate jets using the island airport. He explained that “the minute you open up to Bombardier jets, you open them up to every jet. That means small corporate jets which are twice as loud and twice as dirty.” He added that “U.S. air carriers that fly small jets have under the open skies policy exactly the same access. And that means it’s not just quiet jets coming, it’s every jet that’s coming, and that has a huge impact on anyone who lives anywhere near the water, from Scarborough to Etobicoke.” Additionally, he asserted that “Air Canada and Continental . . . can bring in any kind of jet and those jets aren’t quiet. They aren’t clean.”

On the other hand, the Transportation Minister and MPP for the downtown riding of Toronto-Centre, Glen Murray, informed reports that “we haven’t seen any details on it yet, this is the federal government’s area of regulation.”

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