Ground Zero at the 2013 Boston Marathon Explosion

An amateur photographer captures ground zero pictures of the explosion in the crowd at the 2013 Boston Marathon

Warning – these photographs contain graphic detail of the explosion, ground zero and people injured at the April 15, 2013 Boston Marathon explosion. They may not be suitable for all.

Crowd at the Boston Marathon finish line seconds after the blast (photo Aaron Tang, Creative Commons license some rights restricted)

Photo galleries of the moments before, during and after the explosion at the Boston Marathon follow to break.

2013 Boston Marathon Explosion Gallery 2

The crowd waited expectantly on a spring day in Boston for the triumphal runners as they crossed the Finish Line. They did not see it coming.

Smiles turned to grief in seconds as one of two explosions ripped through the crowd as they were standing against the safety fence.

Photographer Aaron Tang was taking photographs of the Finish Line and captured the before, the explosion and aftermath.

“Please spread the word,” he said by email. ”My only hope is that theses photos
somehow help figure who, what, where why this happened…especially on the high
res images of the crowds which you saw as well.”

To view the full size or watch the slide show, click on an image. The slide show feature may not work on Apple mobile devices and we apologize for that limitation.

DSC03103 – by hahatango

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DSC03140 – by hahatango

DSC03141 – by hahatango

DSC03142 – by hahatango

DSC03143 – by hahatango

8652855355 aea9de98f8 Ground Zero at the 2013 Boston Marathon Explosion  photo

DSC03147 – by hahatango


2013 Boston Marathon Explosion Gallery 2

The world watched in shock and horror but at Ground Zero survival was the only thought.

Heroic police officers, medics, first responders and volunteers rushed to the injured and dying, risking their own lives.

3 onlookers died and more than 140 were injured.

What cowards did this?

The Voice of America issued a statement calling the explosion an act of terrorism that will be fully investigated.

“U.S. federal investigators are working to uncover who was behind a twin bombing Monday at the Boston Marathon that left at least three people dead and more than 140 others injured.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is leading the multi-agency effort to investigate what a White House official said was “clearly an act of terror.”

The FBI said in a statement late Monday it was too early to establish the cause or motivation for the explosions, which happened moments apart within about 100 meters of each other near the finish line.

Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis said there was “no specific intelligence” warning of an attack, and authorities said there was no immediate claim of responsibility.

U.S. President Barack Obama said in televised remarks that the United States will find out who was responsible and hold them accountable.”

DSC03149 – by hahatango

DSC03150 – by hahatango

DSC03152 – by hahatango

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DSC03157 – by hahatango

DSC03158 – by hahatango

DSC03160 – by hahatango

DSC03161 – by hahatango

8652900625 c68119bdeb Ground Zero at the 2013 Boston Marathon Explosion  photo

DSC03164 – by hahatango

DSC03165 – by hahatango

DSC03166 – by hahatango

DSC03167 – by hahatango


All photographs courtesy of Aaron Tang, (Creative Commons license some rights restricted).

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