Condominium Act reform can’t wait for snails pace review process: NDP MPP Marchese

Today in the legislature, Trinity-Spadina MPP Rosario Marchese demanded Minister of Consumer Services Tracy MacCharles move forward with desperately required reforms to protect condo owners.
"Last year this government finally launched a review of the Condominium Act, but the review is taking years to complete and it ignores many of the issues condo owners face," said Marchese. "Why won’t the government take real action to protect condo owners?"
On the length of time of the current government Condominium Act review, Marchese said, "The pace of the review is about equal to that of a snail."
"When I read the review—it misses three essential things that I’ve been fighting for for five long years," said Marchese. "First, a tribunal where condo owners could go and get real protection and defend themselves against a tyrannical board, a bad developer or a bad or incompetent property manager; secondly, the building code changes that would make sure that people do not hear every noise that’s coming from the other unit; three, a warranty program (Tarion) that protects consumers and not developers."

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