Bernard Trépaniers Denies All Allegations at Quebec Corruption Inquiry

The financing head of the former Union Montreal, Bernard Trépanier, was very relentless in denying a series of harsh cross-examination questions asked at the Charbonneau Commission on Tuesday morning, when the 74-year-old persistently reiterated the same story while several lawyer attempted sequentially to break him.

Addressing the allegations imposed on him, Trépanier fervently alleged that “that’s totally false!” in response to tactically put questions asked by the lawyers for Quebec’s construction and road builders associations. The lawyers kept an aggressive behavior in light of as many as six damning testimonies against him by previous witnesses, all asserting that Trépanier requested cash-stuffed envelopes in order to finance the municipal party of former mayor Gérald Tremblay. The lawyers representing Trépanier interjected at numerous occasions, attempting to bar their client from the flood of cleverly put questions fired at him. Each time Justice France Charbonneau rejected the interjection, who seemed to be agitated by any objection unrelated to the witness’s fundamental rights.

A key question that was reiterated the most was why, considering Trépanier is true and innocent, would such a number of witnesses testify against him at the inquiry and report that he handled illegal cash? Responding to this query, Trépanier alleged that “I have no idea,” saying that “I couldn’t tell you.” In reply to co-commissioner Renaud Lachance’s question, “so you have no idea why these people came to tell us that you asked for cash … in considerable sums?”, he asserted that “It’s possible I’m the victim of a ‘dumping’,” and that “they’re going to put it all on my back.”

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