Hamilton police continue to search for missing man Timothy Bosma

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

On April 28th, 2013 Timothy Bosma posted his 2007 Dodge Ram pick up for sale on two different web sites. On Monday May 6th a male arranged by telephone to view the truck at Mr. Bosma’s residence in Ancaster.  At approximately 9:20 pm Mr. Bosma went for a test drive with two young males in this pickup.  Mr. Bosma had told his spouse that the males were from the Toronto area.  Mr. Bosma has not been seen or heard from since this time.  

Police were notified of Mr. Bosma’s disappearance immediately by his spouse and the Mountain Criminal Investigation Division began the investigation on May 6th. Due to the unusual nature of the disappearance the homicide Unit will now take the lead in the investigation.  Through witnesses Police have a description of the two males that Mr. Bosma was last seen with:

1)      male white, 6’1” to 6’2”, 170 to 180 lbs, mid 20’s, light to medium short brown hair, unshaven, wearing blue jeans, long sleeve orange shirt and running shoes

2)       male white, 5’9” to 5’10” , small to medium build, early to mid 20’s, dark hair red hooded with hood up over his head.

3)      These males were last seen in Mr. Bosma’s vehicle described as a 2007 dodge Ram pick up black in colour,Ontario licence plate 726 7ZW.

Update: First late yesterday afternoon, Mr. Bosma’s cell phone was recovered in an industrial area in west Brantford.  Last night Police conducted a ground search of a very large area, nothing further of Mr. Bosma’s was found. Second Police have received information that Mr. Bosma’s vehicle was seen at approximately 10:10 pm in the downtown area of the city ofBrantford. Brantford Police have been advised and are assisting with the investigation. Police do not know the route that Mr. Bosma’s truck went through the city of Brantford.  As video evidence is important in any investigation Police are requesting the following from the businesses inBrantford. Police are asking Businesses and Individuals in the city ofBrantford who have video surveillance to check  for footage on Monday May 6th 2013 between the hours of  9:30 pm and 10:30 pm for any type of activity. This would have been a time when most businesses were closed.

Yesterday Police received the results of a Production Order for the cellular telephone of the man that contacted Mr. Bosma.  From the cellular records and interviews Police have found that these two individuals test drove a similar vehicle in Toronto on Sunday May 5th in the middle of the day.  The owner of this vehicle  was not harmed. He was able to provide a description of the two males. This description of the two males matched the description provided by Mrs. Bosma. As well the vehicle owner from Toronto was able to add a description of the first male.

1)     male white, 6’1” to 6’2”, 170 to 180 lbs, mid 20’s, light to medium short brown hair, unshaven, wearing blue jeans, long sleeve orange shirt and running shoes. The male had several tattoos on his arms. On one of his wrists where a person wears a watch was the word, “Ambition.”  There was a  box tattooed, framing  the outside of the word.  Police have researched this tattoo which is not uncommon but the location of it is unique. This male has not been identified as yet.

Update: On Sunday, May12th, 2013 Hamilton Police received information of a large covered trailer parked in a driveway at an address in Kleinberg, Ontario. The trailer is owned by Dellen Millard’s business. York Regional Police attended and entered the trailer to search for Tim Bosma. Mr. Bosma was not found. York Regional Police did observe a black pick up truck inside this trailer. A warrant is being sought to search this trailer. Until this is done, police cannot confirm that it is Mr. Bosma’s vehicle.

Police have now concentrated the search for Tim Bosma in the Kitchener Waterloo Region and have obtained search warrants and have begun to search this area.

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