Calgary Mayor Assures ‘City Bridges are Safe,’ Amid Concerns of CP Bridge

In an important press conference on Thursday morning, Calgary’s Mayor Naheed Nenshi stated that city bridges have been comprehensively inspected thrice and there is no doubt about their safety. The press conference was held by the mayor in light of recent events when a train was observed slowly derailing on a bridge owned by Canadian Pacific Railway.

Even though city bridge inspectors had checked structural integrity of every Calgary Bridge after the passing of last week’s flood, they did not have the authority to inspect Bonnybrook Bridge. Nenshi stated that “once this is over, I’ll be looking for answers.” He alleged that “it does nobody any good to get angry when we have a crisis situation.” Although the response of federal authorities has been satisfying so far, Nenshi hinted towards the issue of municipals lacking the rights to inspect bridges owned by railway companies. 

Calgary’s Emergency Management Agency director, Bruce Burrell, later revealed that the bridge had dropped at least 0.6 metres (two feet) in an hour and a half. Whereas a recent update as of 9 a.m. MT, revealed that the bridge hadn’t dropped any lower. Calgary’s acting fire chief, Cam Uzeloc, alleged that even though Six CP Railway cars remain on the tracks, the bridge appears to have buckled. It was stated that only one car is empty while the rest carry diluent, which is not a regulated commodity in Canada. Uzeloc stated that “the last thing we want is these cars floating down the river and causing problems downstream at other bridges or anything else.”

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