Dozens Attend Vigil for 2 Dead Children While Police Search for Mom

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Winnipeg police is still searching for a 32-year-old Lisa Gibson, i.e. mother of a baby boy and his two-year-old sister found dead in their Westwood home on Coleridge Park Drive on Wednesday. Negating the reports alleging that children were found dead in the bathtub, police spokesman Const. Eric Hofley mentioned that the cause of death is still to be determined.

Meanwhile, a vigil arranged on Thursday night was attended by dozens to mourn the deaths of the children and support the family, including the mom. Majority of the attendants were young mothers, who lit candles and sang Amazing Grace on the steps of the Winnipeg Mennonite elementary school. Police mentioned as recently as Thursday that they believe Gibson is still alive and urge her to contact them. Mourners at the vigil closed their eyes and joined hands to share a moment of silence, broken by the cries of infants carried by their mothers.

One of the almost 30 people who attended the vigil, Lisa Burgess, mentioned that “I came out tonight because I want to support Lisa; if she happens to know that there’s this many women and people in general that are not judging her and we’re not pointing fingers and we just really want to know that she’s OK.” Meanwhile, one of the organizers, Lauren Hope, alleged that “to vilify her is not the right thing to do. Our hearts really go out to Lisa and her husband, Brian. We can only imagine how he’s feeling right now … and all the people who love them — the friends and family.”

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