Lisa Gibson Case Encourages Winnipeg Moms to Make Awareness Video

The mournful deaths of 32-year-old mother Lisa Gibson and her two children encouraged a group of Winnipeg moms to organize a video aimed at aiding mothers who are struggling from similar problems. The video was organized by the pictures and videos submitted by women from across Winnipeg to Amy Frank, which were later compiled by Jenn Wittick, who stated that “there are supports out there and we do understand.” The YouTube video spreading awareness regarding postpartum mood disorders was uploaded on Thursday afternoon.

Gibson’s 2-year-old Anna and three-month-old Nicholas passed away last week in Winnipeg, as they were found unresponsive in a bathtub in the family home on July 24. Meanwhile, her body was found in the Red River three days later. An extended family member confessed that Gibson was receiving treatment for postpartum depression, while her survivors asked supporters of the cause to donate to the Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba.

Wittick and Frank belong to the Winnipeg Attachment Minded Families parenting network, which is a group devoted to counter any such tragedy in future. In an online forum, Frank, shared that “a few people said, ‘Well, what could we do?’ ” explaining that neither Frank, a drafter, nor Wittick, a parenting coach, had any experience of making videos, but still they felt it was necessary to take effective steps to help moms who are struggling. Wittick announced that “after we posted the video, we’ve already had people admit ‘You know, I think I have postpartum depression.’”

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