Senate Committee Refers Pamela Wallin Audit to RCMP

In the highlights of the senate report on the audit of Sen. Pamela Wallin’s travel expenses, the report was referred to the RCMP while the senator was asked to repay more than $120,000. Apart from these, there were several other recommendations proposed in a report issued by the Senate’s internal economy committee on Tuesday.

Sen. Gerald Comeau explained to the press that the committee has ordered Wallin to pay back a sum of total $121,348 in expenses, with interest. It was pointed out that Wallin has already paid $38,369 in advance so she will now asked to repay the outstanding balance only. In addition to that, the Senate also recommended restricting Wallin’s travel to only direct or immediate connecting flights between Ottawa and Saskatchewan, i.e. the province represented by her in the Senate. Comeau announced that “all other itineraries must be pre-approved.”

In addition to that, the committee also announced to refer the report to “the proper authorities,” i.e. the RCMP. Sen. George Furey revealed that he found some aspects of Wallin’s audit “troubling,” but he refrained from identifying them specifically so was not conceived as directing to the Mounties. A little before the announcement, Comeau stated that the rules around travel have been in place “for years.” He stated that “the rules for travel have been in place for years and Deloitte basically just said that the principles still applied,” adding that “we have a system in place that senators are told what the travel policies are and we expect senators to abide by these rules.”

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