Public Health Officials Confirm Cronut Burger Caused 150 Illnesses at CNE

In a subsequent update to an ongoing investigation, Toronto Public Health has declared to have found toxin in the cronut burgers sold by a Canadian National Exhibition food vendor, Epic Burgers and Waffles, which resulted in almost 150 people becoming ill with food poisoning. The cronut burger was the primary source suspected to have toxins, but it was not confirmed until the update released on Friday afternoon.

A Toronto Public Health official, Dr. Dave McKeown, stated that “we do know from the vast majority of interviews we’ve done that people became ill directly after eating the cronut burger.” He revealed that the total number of people who reported ill after eating at the CNE has reached up to 150 from 100. The creator of the cronut burger was shut down by CNE officials for most the week. McKeown elucidated that lab tests performed on burgers proved existence of the toxin staphylococcus aureus, although authorities are still looking for the specific ingredient that was contaminated. McKeown stated that “the vast majority of people who ingest this toxin can recover quickly,” with exceptions for seniors and children.

CNE general manager, David Bednar, assured that Epic Burgers will remain closed until the investigation is concluded. Initial reports of food poisoning were made by 12 people on Tuesday, out which five were treated in hospital. Later another 34 people complained, along with dozens more reports received afterwards. Consequently, Epic Burgers was subjected to an extensive three-hour inspection by hands of Toronto Public Health officials, results of which tests were announced today.

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