Student President at Saint Mary Says Rape Chant Was His ‘Biggest Mistake’

The student union president at Saint Mary’s University, Jared Perry, explained that for all 400 students participating in a chant about rape during their orientation week, it was more about the rhyme than the words. He informed the press on Thursday that now after repeating the chant, which unambiguously rejoices non-consensual sex with underage girls, he realizes that it was completely wrong.

Perry explained to have been student president for the second year, and revealed to have used the chant repeatedly since he came to the Halifax University in 2009. He alleged that until now he never thought the chant was wrong and never received any complaints either. However, his attitude changed quickly after a video of the Labour Day event went viral over the internet and sparked a huge controversy on the campus. All student leaders and university administrators immediately apologized and investigations were launched, including one by the student leaders who participated in the event.

Federal Justice Minister, Peter MacKay, labeled the chant to be “offensive and dangerous.” He stated that “as somebody who has sisters, nieces who are currently in university in Atlantic Canada, it’s deeply troubling.” Mr. Perry has alleged that being a participant of this incident was “the biggest mistake” of his life. He stated that “It’s a mistake. It’s definitely the biggest mistake I have made throughout my university career and probably in my life. … It’s the biggest one I have definitely ever made and I feel terrible about it.”

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