Mother Says 15-Year-Old Todd Committed Suicide Due to Bullying

Mother of a 15-year-old boy, Kim Loik, explained of having asked his son to ignore the bullies and the constant barrage of insults sent to him on Facebook and through texts on his cellphone. She recalled that he received another taunt on the night of Sept. 8, about which she says “I told him to go to bed and not worry about it.” However, the next morning, she found her son dead in their home in North Battleford, northwest of Saskatoon. He had killed himself.

RCMP has already taken up the case and is trying to figure out whether bullying was the root cause in the death of 15-year-old teen. According to Sgt. Neil Tremblay, the investigation is still in its initial phase and officers are acquiring necessary legal authorization to access the boy’s online and phone messages. Loik informed that she also contacted mother of 15-year-old Amanda Todd, who committed suicide in British Columbia last year and posted an online video asserting that she is committing suicide due to intense and constant bullying by her peers. Her death sparked a nationwide anti-bullying effort.

Loik revealed that Carol Todd linked her to a private group that allowed her to dig into her son’s cyber and phone files. She alleged that “they have pages and pages of taunts and abuse.” Loik further added that “they were the nastiest things I’ve ever heard. I can’t even repeat — some of the things were just disgusting.”

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