Sen. Kenny: Sexual Harassment Accusations ‘Without Merit’

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

In a recently issued statement, embattled Sen. Colin Kenny who has quit Liberal caucus finally spoke about a complaint of sexual harassment filed against him that has prompted Senate investigation, asserting that the allegations are “without merit.” In the statement issued on Friday morning, Kenny outlined that he’s not permitted to comment publicly on the issue, though he looks forward to it being resolved.

Kenney stated that “the Senate is currently conducting an inquiry into allegations concerning my conduct. As per the conditions that govern the investigation, neither I – nor anyone else involved in the investigation – may comment publicly until it is concluded.” It was added that “the allegations against me are without merit. I very much look forward to the resolution of this issue.” In light of the complaint filed by one of his former staff members, Kenny revealed to have had quit the Liberal caucus on Thursday. However, Kenny is not under criminal investigation.

Sen. Kenney’s former assistant, 25-year-old Pascale Brisson, has accused him of often making improper advances towards her. Stating one such incident, Brisson reported that “he called me to tell me he was thinking about me in my bathing suit by the pool. That’s when he was in Washington on a business trip.” She revealed having had complained about Kenny to Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau in August and laid out all said allegations, but later she chose to quit her job in September after working for three months in Kenny’s office.

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