PMO Finds Erased Emails of Ex-Legal Adviser on Duffy Scandal

The federal government has recently mentioned in a press statement that it has found more e-mail traffic shedding some light on the role of the PMO and its top legal adviser over the living expenses of Senator Mike Duffy. Previously, Ottawa alleged to have had erased all e-mails belonging to the lawyer, Benjamin Perrin, since he left the PMO last March. Hence, the RCMP did not have any luck while investigating into the $90,000 payment to Mr. Duffy from former PMO chief of staff Nigel Wright.

In the announcement made on Sunday, the PMO revealed that Mr. Perrin’s newly recovered e-mails will be handed over to the RCMP “immediately.” It was explained that Ottawa routinely deletes e-mails of departing PMO employees, though Mr. Perrin’s e-mails have been recovered because they were withheld for another unrelated litigation. RCMP suspects Mr. Perrin of being involved in the negotiations between Mr. Wright and other senior PMO officials over Mr. Duffy’s expense claims that were the subject of an audit earlier this year.

The RCMP already had a portion of the communications between Mr. Perrin and other PMO officials. For example, RCMP found that Mr. Wright wrote to Mr. Perrin on Feb. 22 that he would talk to Prime Minister Stephen Harper about a five-point deal to settle the matter involving Mr. Duffy. The email addressed by Mr. Wright to Mr. Perrin states that “I do want to speak to the PM before everything is considered,” an hour after which he again replied that “we are good to go from the PM once Ben [Perrin] has confirmation from [Mr. Duffy’s lawyer].”

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