Premier Wynne Dodges Questions about Troubled Toronto Mayor Ford

During her meeting with Toronto Deputy Mayor, Norm Kelly, even though Ontario Premier, Kathleen Wynne, didn’t say exactly “never” but she straightforwardly revealed that she doesn’t want to meet with Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. During the press conference held after meeting, the premier was recurrently inquired about if she intends to meet Ford as well.

In her response, Premier Wynne dodged the question about Toronto’s troubled Mayor, who recently drew sharp rebuke from the premier last month after admitting to have used crack. Instead, the Premier stated that “I had the meeting with Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly because he is the representative of Toronto city council.” Wynne elucidated that “the relationship between the province and the city has to be with the city council where the decisions are made and so, that’s why I am meeting with the deputy mayor.” It was added that “the on-going discussion will be with the representative of city council, who is the deputy mayor.”

Although both two leaders alleged that several key issues were discussed during the meeting, many analysts claim that it was only to give an impression of a working relationship.  Addressing reporters during the joint press conference after the meeting, Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly stated that “I was looking forward to meeting with the premier to let her know that she has stable reliable partner moving forward.” He added that “at city hall we now have a stable, calm and reasonable government that is looking forward to working with each other.”

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