Senate Drops Motion to Inspect Deloitte on Duffy Scandal

In a decisive vote, the senate has ruled out to have instructed a committee to hear from Michael Runia, i.e. a Deloitte executive, who is accused of attempting to interference with last spring’s most controversial audit of Senator Mike Duffy’s expenses. It was quite visible that none of the Conservative senators voted in favor of the economy committee to hear from Runia, though three still chose to abstain from voting. Counting three independent senators who voted against hearing from Runia, the total vote count was 51 against and 30 in favour.

The Conservative-dominated internal economy committee debated last week on the motion asking to call Runia and Senator Irving Gerstein. In their sworn affidavit submitted to court, RCMP has alleged that Gerstein contacted Runia about the Duffy audit. Additionally, the Deloitte auditor who led the forensic investigation on Duffy’s $90,000 in questionable expenses, Gary Timm, also confirmed that Runia had asked him about how much Duffy owed. However, Timm promised he didn’t give Runia any information and ended the call as quickly as possible.

Earlier on Wednesday, Gerstein refused a Liberal request that asked him to step down as chair of the Senate’s banking committee. Commenting about that, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau said that Gerstein seems to continue to have the confidence of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, asserting that “the prime minister’s head of fundraising offered Conservative donor money to a sitting legislator. So, why does Senator Irving Gerstein still enjoy the complete confidence of the prime minister?”

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