Calgary Suffers Arctic-Like Weather on Friday, Saturday

Majority areas of Alberta encountered one of the frostiest days on Earth on Friday, as residents suffered from bone-chilling weather throughout the province. Consequently, Environment Canada had already issued a warning, throughout Calgary and its surrounding areas, for frosty temperatures and brisk winds that might result in wind chill values below -40 for commuters on Friday and into Saturday morning.

According to Environment Canada climatologist, David Phillips, the city’s mid-afternoon high values of -24 degrees Celsius have raised flags at the agency. He pointed out that daytime high for Dec. 6 is routinely expected to hover around the freezing mark. Phillips stated that “this is spectacularly different from normal.” He pointed out that “to have something 25 degrees colder than what it should be is quite something.” The agency highlighted that only few places on the planet are receiving as much Arctic-like weather as Alberta on Friday. A frosty Russian city, Irkutsk, settled at a smooth -6 degrees that eventually led the residents to enjoy a comparatively desirable -15 degrees.

Within Canada, the best temperature was in Halifax, where it was 35 degrees warmer than Calgary. Consequently, the Calgary Zoo had to cancel its Friday night edition of Zoolights due to “extreme cold.” 25 people have been treated for frostbite and hypothermia in the city since Monday’s snowstorm. EMS spokesperson, Adam Loria, revealed that “within minutes, any exposed skin can start having the effects of frostbite,” as it was advised to “cover as much skin as possible and dress in layers.”

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