Doug Ford Defends Mayor, Calls Media Unfair

Toronto Councillor and the brother of embattled Toronto Mayor, Doug Ford, openly defended the mayor on Friday, straightforwardly denying that Mayor Ford had any links with alleged gang members or uses heroin. While speaking with reporters at City Hall, Councillor Ford stated that “the mayor is not hanging out with gang members, I can assure that, 100 per cent.” Additionally, he also stressed that his brother doesn’t use heroin, he mentioned that “the mayor has not been charged … He’s apologized very clearly, he’s moving on.”

According to a fresh set of court documents released earlier this week, Mayor Ford was alleged to have had tried buying the video showing him smoking crack cocaine two months before it was first exposed and shopped to media outlets. Additionally, the documents further report that gang members claimed the mayor had shown interest in buying drugs from them, and that the mayor may have used heroin. In his statement, Doug Ford alleged that the mayor is of “healthy mind,” and works two hours a day. Moreover, Doug added that if his brother “stayed the course” and dropped “60 or 70 pounds,” he would even win re-election next October.

Apart from that, Ford also blamed the media for biased reporting, as he accused reporters of practicing “Stalin-era Pravda journalism.” Pravda is a notorious political newspaper in Russia that highly supported the communist regime during the communist era. Doug stated that “I’ll tell you what I hear on the street, people are getting sick and tired of listening to the media…you’re beating a dead horse here.”

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