NDP MP Lodges Complaint against Senator’s ‘Misogynistic’ Attack

A fresher NDP MP, Charmaine Borg, has finally decided to fight back after a Conservative senator labeled her as whiny, useless and ignorant in a letter circulated throughout Parliament Hill. In her formal complaint about the letter, Borg alleged that it was “misogynistic” and that MPs must be protected from such personal attacks. Ms. Borg, who lodged a complained against Conservative Senator Jean-Guy Dagenais on Monday in the House of Commons, expects that it will studied by a parliamentary committee that will rule whether her privileges as an MP were breached or not.

Addressing reporters over the issue, 23-year-old Ms. Borg stated “I think if I was an old, white man, he would not have attacked me.” She added that “we’re not doing any favours to young women who want to run in the future by having this type of behaviour in Parliament.”  Ms. Borg secured her seat in the House of Commons in 2011, partly owing to the NDP Orange Wave which allowed her to win a seat from the Bloc Québécois with nearly 50 per cent of the vote.

In a recently circulated anti-Senate flyer authored by Ms. Borg, which was distributed throughout her riding of Terrebonne-Blainville, north of Montreal, she bitterly attacked the Red Chamber as “a costly and undemocratic institution that no longer serves a purpose in today’s Canada.” Additionally, she alleged in the flyer, which mainly promoted NDP’s abolitionist stand, that the Senate “is now mainly used to reward the government’s friends.”

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