Tory MPP Shurman Resigns after a Spat with Hudak

Tory MPP for Thornhill, Peter Shurman, has finally decided to give up his political career after a prolonged spat with his party leader, Tim Hudak, over accommodation expenses. In the announcement made on Tuesday, Shurman declared that he will resign from his seat at the end of the month. In an open letter, he mentioned that “this decision is entirely my own and results from lengthy reflection and discussion with my family.”

The once a prospective favorite in the Progressive Conservative Party, Shurman was dropped from his finance critic’s role in September by Hudak after he refused to pay back a taxpayer-funded housing allowance. Shurman was later fired as finance critic. According to Hudak, Shurman, a former radio executive, moved to $660,000 home in Niagara-on-the-Lake several years ago but continued to collect living expenses for an apartment in Toronto. In response to the allegations, Shurman mentioned in the letter that “having now carefully considered my situation for several months, I have concluded that continuing with my political career would be a mistake.”

Shurman, who thanked the residents of Thornhill for their support, alleged thathe repeatedly conversed with Hudak over moving to Niagara and that the party leader had assented to him taking the subsidy, which was $20,719 last year. In light of Mr. Shurman’s resignation, Premier Kathleen Wynne has now been left with the task of calling a byelection with six months. Though, analysts anticipate general elections as early as next spring if the minority Liberal government falls on the 2014-15 budget.

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