Door-to-Door Power Restoration Underway in Toronto

In another set of updates provided by concerned officials, it is assured that the task of “heavy lifting” to get the lights back on for the final Toronto Hydro customers is underway to help those surviving without power or heat since last weekend’s ice storm.  In its latest statistics, Hydro confirmed on early Friday that only 32,480 customers are left without power, while assuring that the service has been restored to 89% of those impacted.

In a statement released by Hydro CEO, Anthony Haines, on Thursday at City Hall, he alleged that there’s no available timeline for the restoration of power though he did explain that the focus is now on Scarborough since “most of the west is now complete.” He explained that “we’re reaching the point now where we expect to be in what I describe as the hand-to-hand combat, which is really one truck and one service into one home.” He elucidated that “this last bit is going to be a lot of heavy lifting.” The aim is to restore power to the “most number of people in the shortest period of time.”

On the other hand, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford advised those affected to “try to go to a warming centre” but he did admit that “some people just aren’t going to leave.” He alleged that “we can’t work any faster than what we’re doing.” He also explained not having had imposed a state of emergency, alleging that it would not have “sped things up whatsoever,” as he added that “it would’ve just caused undue panic and that’s what we do not want.”

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