Torontonians Alerted for More Power Outages amid Strong Winds Forecast

Hydro crews have warned that high winds are on their way to Toronto and are expected to cause even more disruption on Friday afternoon, which may lead to additional increase in power outages, further disrupting the cleanup efforts as southern Ontario slowly recovers from last weekend’s ice storm. Homes and businesses in southern Ontario, Quebec and parts of the Maritimes are still waiting for power almost a week after freezing rain and ice pellets cracked tree branches and downed power lines.

In its latest update provided on Friday morning, Toronto Hydro revealed that an estimate of 32,400 customers are still without power, while Hydro One reported the number to be around 6,500. Earlier at the time of maximum destruction, more than 600,000 customers were left without power in Ontario. Later during a news conference held on Friday, Toronto Hydro CEO, Anthony Haines, mentioned htat crews are prepared for additional power outages as high wind gusts of up to 40 kilometres per hour are expected to hit Toronto over the next 24 hours.

Mr. Haines stated that “we’re in fact expecting these 32, 000 customers not to be the final work ahead of us.” He added that “even as late as this morning, we had additional stations lose power as a result of some of the wind gusts and trees continuing to fall on the lines.” It was added that “we are recovering … from what has been the largest storm in Toronto Hydro’s history.”

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