Harper Not Ready to Withdraw Visa Requirement on Mexico

A senior government official has revealed that Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is not expected to withdraw the visa requirement imposed on Mexican travellers amid the North American leaders’ summit next week. The visa requirement was imposed on visiting Mexicans by Canada in 2009 in an effort to eradicate the continuing illegitimate refugee claimants from that country.

However, the refugee system has been further refined and preserved by the federal government and hence it was being anticipated that it might eventually lead to the end of visa requirement since it was no longer practically required. Several analysts were expecting that Mr. Harper would make the announcement to remove the visa requirement on an upcoming meeting with Mexican President, Enrique Pena Nieto, as he is scheduled to arrive in Mexico City on Monday afternoon and meet his Mexican counterpart on Tuesday. Additionally, both leaders will be joined by U.S. President Barack Obama the next day for a summit that is set to address a range of trade, investment and security issues.

Mexico’s undersecretary for North America, Sergio Alcocer, mentioned during an interview on Saturday that he does not expects Canada to withdraw the imposed visa requirement during Mr. Harper’s visit. However, regardless of that, he did assert in a stern manner that the Mexican government would continue to work with Canada on the issue and hopes the announcement will be made soon enough. Mr. Alcocer stated that “of course we will maintain our contact in order to remove this requirement eventually.”

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