TSB Issues Advisory Letters after Recent OC Transpo Incidents

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Transportation Safety Board has recently mentioned in a couple of advisory letters that its observation have revealed that the fatal bus-train collision that killed six people in Barrhaven last year, OC Transpo buses, on four occasions, had driven through the same rail crossing while warning lights were activated. The safety watchdog published one of two letters issued on Tuesday regarding the reported incidents.

According to the news release issued by the safety watchdog, the warning lights were activated during each of the four incidents but the crossing arm had not yet come down. Moreover, TSB officials also found out that bus drivers don’t always slow down while approaching the crossing from the Transitway near the Fallowfield station. Whereas, it stated that “according to most driver handbooks, when approaching a crossing, the vehicle driver should slow down, be prepared to stop, and yield the right of way to a train.” TSB officials reported that failing to stop when railway crossing signals are activated violates most provincial highway traffic but also pointed out that “these acts may not necessarily apply to vehicles operating on private roads, such as the OC Transpo Transitway.”

In addition to that, the investigators further confirmed the statement issued by Via Rail last week, alleging that its automated crossing protection system entered fail-safe mode as it is designed to do adding that the frost on electrical contacts was the source of the problem. TSB reported that “reasonable steps were taken to minimize risk, and there were no adverse consequences, but there are still opportunities to improve safety.”

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  1. This is typical of Ottawa’s mentality. There is no intelligent life in this shxxhole ! Two brcomment_IDges, three years to build and they are STILL not completed ! Infrastructure falling apart. Maybe if they would stop using foreign contractors(kabecers) could ANYTHING be completed properly ! As a result, people who actually live in Ottawa don’t get those jobs. As for mickey mouse transpo, this service is the laughing stock of the country. Drivers drive when they want instead of adhering to a schedule renders the service absolutely useless ! And this is just a tip of the iceberg with this shxxhole !!!

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