Parliament Debates if Tory MP Butt Mislead the House

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Apart from its daily business on Monday, the House of Commons resolved to debate whether a Conservative backbencher, MP Brad Butt, deliberately misled the Parliament because the Speaker agreed that there were sufficient grounds to consider the case. According to the ruling proclaimed by Speaker Andrew Scheer, he upheld an NDP motion that there was a prima facie, or apparent, question of parliamentary privilege following contradictory statements by Conservative MP Brad Butt.

It was recalled that Mr. Butt had previously informed the House of Commons, more than once, last month that he personally witnessed voter ID cards being stolen from garbage and recycling bins to be used fraudulently. However, he later reverted saying that he had not witnessed that. Consequently, the NDP chose to point out last week that Mr. Butt misled the House, but Mr. Scheer reserved the decision until Monday. In a carefully worded ruling against his own party, Mr. Scheer said that even though he was prepared to accept Mr. Butt’s insistence that he didn’t deliberately mislead the House, “at the same time, the fact remains that the House continues to be seized of completely contradictory statements.”

Mr. Milliken referred the matter to committee “if only to clear the air.” Mr. Scheer quoted that in saying: “I am prepared in this case, for the same reason, to allow the matter to be put to the House.” As a result, the decision kindled another a debate that continued for the final few hours of Monday’s proceedings and now the debate is expected to resume on Tuesday.

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  1. Only in Canada we have harper and the corruption party breaking the law everyday and laughing at Canadians as they do it ! OBVIOUSLY, the RCMP are just as corrupt ! If the RCMP were not corrupt, harper WOULD BE in jail for lying, fraud, election rigging, tax evasion, extortion, money laundering, corruption, ETC., ETC., ETC. Looks like Canada is the new Disneyland !

  2. He dcomment_IDn’t mislead the House, he lied. Not one journalist has the balls to put the words “lie” “liar” “lying” in a headline that would actually make people notice. Instead they use “misled”, which is a weasel word. The media in this country are just as guilty as the Cons in not passing correct information. People should be outraged, instead, they see this headline and think….meh

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