Toronto Mayor Ford Appears on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Monday night to give an interview that resulted in becoming the highlight reel of the world-famous mayor’s frequent public blunders and slip-ups. Mr. Kimmel started the 15-minute interview by directly asking Ford “Why are you here? What good could come of this? Have you ever seen the show?” In response to which, Mr. Ford replied that he agreed to appear because Kimmel had personally asked him.

Elaborating on his response to why he appeared on the show, Ford explained that he wanted viewers to know that Toronto is a great city that has been booming during his mayoralty, and alleged that he’s saved Toronto taxpayers $1 billion, and fulfilled “90 per cent” of his promises. As the interview began, Kimmel informed Ford that many Torontonians expressed anger to have learned that he was invited the show as they had told him, via Twitter and Facebook, that Ford has been accused of drunk driving, domestic abuse, homophobia, racism and dishonesty that have all been aimed at the mayor.

Replying to the accusations, Mr. Ford laughed and said “is that it? Is that all I got?” and added that “I guess they don’t talk about all the money I’ve saved, how we straightened out the city.” Kimmel then inquired the mayor if he has to apologize a lot and Ford answered that “the apologies are over. I’m moving on. People are going to judge me on my proven track record.”

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