Quebec Liberals Say PQ Would Destroy Canada with Separation

In his strongest statement so far against separation of Quebec and national unity, Liberal Leader Philippe Couillard stated on Tuesday that “a new clergy” led by Pierre Karl Péladeau and Parti Québécois Leader, Pauline Marois, is out to destroy Canada with the separation of Quebec.  Progressively reinforcing his pro-unity rhetoric in this first week of the provincial election campaign, Mr. Couillard highlighted that the economies of both Canada and Quebec would suffer tremendously if an independence vote passes.

Couillard alleged that the euphemisms used by the independence movement for making the option look more attractive should be shredded so that Quebeckers get a chance to make a clear and an unambiguous choice. He stated that “Mr. Péladeau says he wants to destroy Canada” but “those who think they can separate Quebec from Canada without destroying anything, are in a world of illusion. The Parti Québécois for years have kept Quebeckers in a fantasy world, a world of illusion that has nothing to do with reality. I’m tearing down the curtain. We’re done with illusions and an imaginary world.”

According to Mr. Couillard, the destruction will not only result in loss to the economy but much more, as he highlighted that Quebec is a vital founding pillar of Canada. He alleged that “Ms. Marois said we would face five years of disturbances. I think she is being very conservative. But it goes beyond financial matters. We founded this country. Why should we give up part of our heritage and history?”

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