‘F— Islam’ Photo Prompts Resignation of PQ Candidate

A Parti Quebecois candidate for east-end Montreal riding of LaFontaine, 25-year-old Jean Carrière, has offered his resignation when it was discovered that he posted a “F— Islam” photo on Facebook in January. In a statement issued by the office of Parti Quebecois Leader, Pauline Marois, it was confirmed that Carrière offered his resignation this morning and it has been accepted in light of reports by Quebec media that unraveled the posted the discriminating photo on Facebook.

Media reports show that the photo displays a topless woman, who extends her middle finger with the inscription “F— Islam” and was posted in late January. During a previous interview with Radio-Canada, Carrière alleged that he shared the photo because its message was “feminist.” Even though his Facebook page has been shut down since the time he posted the highly controversial and offensive photo, it acclaimed France’s Marine Le Pen, the leader of the extreme right Front National party. The PQ does not have a good record of treating Muslims well, as its record became highly controversial since it proposed the so-called “Charter of Quebec values,” prohibiting public employees from wearing religious symbols, such as a hijab.

The east-end Montreal riding of LaFontaine has a strong history of Liberal support for nearly three decades. The controversial Facebook photo was first reported by Quebecor’s Journal de Québec, the media company whose controlling shareholder is PQ candidate Pierre Karl Péladeau. Péladeau has said he won’t sell his shares even if the province’s ethics commissioner tells him to do so.

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