Chow Officially Launches Campaign with Strongly Worded Speech

Kicking off her mayoral campaign with a packed audience at a downtown church on Thursday, Olivia Chow vowed to overtake the current mayor who is “failing at his job.” A day after she chose to register for the election at City Hall, the former NDP MP delivered a powerful speech at the St. Simon-the-Apostle Church, i.e. a venue selected due to its significance to the St. Jamestown neighborhood where she grew up after migrating to Canada from Hong Kong.

Chow highlighted that her journey from inner city high-rises to the corridors of power in Ottawa, which struck emotional chords of the supportive crowd. Furthermore, Chow also shared about her family’s immigration experience and how it shaped her political viewpoint. She remembered how she wanted to buy hockey skates because there was “nothing more Canadian,” however she could not afford it and added that even though her family had little the city always provided public parks, libraries, skating rinks and quality transit.

In her strongly worded speech, Chow stressed that her background taught her fiscal responsibility and explained that “growing up, I learned how to work hard and make every penny count, to save money for rainy days and to invest wisely.” Standing at a podium in front of a collection of diverse supporters, she mentioned that “that’s a lesson I took with me into my political life as a school trustee, city councillor, and Member of Parliament. And it’s what I will do as you’re new mayor.”

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